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Made in France 4.0, conference Wednesday, March 29 at 18:30

New technologies are valuable tools for valuing immemorial manufacturing methods. They are now an integral part of the daily lives of manufacturers.


How will the industrial revolution 4.0 boost French manufacturing and allow it to accelerate its development?


Looking to the future, asking questions and looking at what is happening in other sectors is the promise of this highlight of the show.






Temple Tile / Auditorium


Access on presentation of the salon badge








Attention: limited number of places


Led by Lucas Delattre and in the presence of:


Denis Jacquet, Entrepreneur, President of Sponsor the Growth

Jérôme Bergeret, Director of Dassault's Fashion Lab

Charles Thurat, co-founder of Heuritech

Célia Corsin, R & D Project Manager, Wired Beauty

Sylvie Chailloux: Manager of Texile du Maine, President of Mode Grand Ouest and Vice President of the French Manufacturing Group (GFF)

Olivier Verrièle: Manager of the company Choletaise Manufacturing Company

Maximilien Abadie, Lectra Strategy Director

An association to promote and defend the interests of french clothing - textile manufacturers and connected activities

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