Who is eligible for the Supplier Platform?

Registration on the Supplier Platform, our sourcing directory, is reserved for French companies, associations, ESAT (assisted employment for handicapped people) or any other national structure that has an industrial or handcrafted know-how and works for brands, order-givers or designers.

The platform lists all structures in France whose main activity is manufacturing / production / providing a service linked with textiles, clothing or products in connected activities.

3 company categories are listed:

  • Manufacturers / Sub-contractors of clothing, fashion accessories and household linens
  • Service providers
  • Material and trimming suppliers

3 conditions for registration:

  • Your company has developed an activity in the world of textiles / clothing / fashion
  • You are the director of a legal French business entity
  • You can prove that you have conserved all or part of your activity on French soil

The Supplier Platform is made for you!

Advantages :

  • A visibility with French and international brands and designers
  • A “company profile” that can be autonomously updated in real time
  • A specific space to present your activity
  • A new, transversal, non-competitive project
  • A dedicated team at your service


An association to promote and defend the interests of french clothing - textile manufacturers and connected activities

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