“Behind the super-mediatized fashion industry are many manufacturers with diverse skills. These companies, often in business for many years, are not used to ‘showing their faces’ and are often unknown to the general public. In a world in full mutation, word-of-mouth communication is not enough and these skills must be instantly available by internet. This is the objective of Maison du Savoir-Faire et de la Création. We hope that with such a wealth of skills available at such close proximity, designers will continue to let us dream … by using Made in France!”

Jacques MARTIN-LALANDE, president of GFF

The Maison du Savoir-faire et de la Création was launched in 2011. Its main objective is to validate fashion companies that have unique craftsmanship and industrial skills.

The MSFC participates in collaborative projects with local and national professional organizations. It is affiliated with the UFIMH (Union Française des Industries Mode et Habillement - French union of fashion and clothing industries), run by the GFF (Groupement de la Fabrication Française- French manufacturers group) and financed by the DEFI (Comité de Développement et de Promotion de l’Habillement – Committee for the development and promotion of clothing). 

The MSFC offers tools for accompanying, exchanging and creating convivial settings to encourage meetings between order-givers, production managers and designers with manufacturers, sub-contractors, service providers and material suppliers. It thus helps reveal the richness of France’s manufacturing heritage whether it is traditional or innovative.

The Maison du Savoir-Faire et de la Création, a true representative of the French Touch, is also a link for information, thanks to its network and privileged link with all players in the fashion industry.

The Maison du Savoir-Faire et de la Création thus has various missions that extend over different areas of action:

+   Expertise / Production
     Guiding, accompanying and advising order-givers based on their objectives and restrictions/specifications

+   Business / Commercial 
     Prospecting new clients for French manufacturers

+   Communication / Marketing
     Promoting the influence of “Made in France” at a national and international level

+   Mediation
     Encouraging dialogues between order-givers and manufacturers

+   Accompaniment
     Accompaning project managers and emerging designers


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